Membership Prerequisites


Student is perceived as a positive leader in the school and/or community. S/He shows strong, effective leadership in both informal and formal situations. S/he has held a minimum of three leadership positions in various organizations, and in his/her roles has progressed the objectives of those organizations. The positions must require the student to assist the shaping, learning, and development of others in order to be considered a leadership role. Some leadership positions that fulfill this requirement include: coach, tutor, mentor, team captain, club officer, etc. Another way to fulfill one of the three required leadership roles is to participate in an official leadership training program, such as school sponsored leadership conferences.

    Babysitting is not considered a leadership role.

Students must take on three DIFFERENT leadership roles. Annually elected positions are considered separate leadership roles.

Classroom leadership is expected of all BHS students and is not considered an official leadership role.

Community Service

Student has completed a minimum of 20 hours of outstanding service directed toward the betterment of the community outside BHS.  Community service hours are unpaid activities – time given freely of one’s own will and not because the student is required to do so. At least 10 of those hours must be sustained, consistent service for one organization.

Student cannot receive any compensation for this service.

Sustained, consistent service requires students to invest their time and effort into one cause or organization on a regular basis – working to affect a positive change in the community. This service cannot be accomplished in one or two days. It entails frequent, reliable participation.


Exceptional academic achievement is reflected in the student’s G.P.A. of a 3.7 or higher.

The 3.7 GPA is based on a five point scale.










Student strongly exemplifies each of the six desirable qualities of good character. S/He is respectful, mature, responsible, fair, trustworthy, and honest. The student’s discipline record should reflect his/her strength of character. Numerous faculty members enthusiastically verify this strength of character through completion of a faculty survey that attests to the student’s integrity. Additionally, student must have one adult complete a Character Evaluation Form. This evaluation cannot be completed by a relative of the student. The form must be COMPLETE, ACCURATE and submitted ON TIME.

Student can be kept out of NHS for any one action that does not exemplify strong character, such as insubordination, cheating, plagiarizing, bullying, drinking at school-sponsored events, etc.

Disciplinary infractions will only keep students out of NHS for one year. Students are encouraged to resubmit information for consideration the following year if eligible.

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