Process of Appeal

Because NHS encourages leadership and strong character, students are expected to take the initiative and speak on their own behalf when seeking an appeal.

1. If a student is not accepted into the BHS National Honor Society and would like to appeal that decision, s/he must submit a formal appeal within ten days of notification regarding membership. The date of notification is reflected on the postmark of the non-selection letter.

2. The formal appeal consists of a written request to meet with the NHS advisor(s). The student must bring this written request to a BHS NHS advisor within the ten day time span indicated above. An NHS advisor will respond to the student within three school days of the request to schedule a meeting.

3. At this meeting, the advisor(s) will review with the student the Faculty Council’s reasoning for the decision – focusing on what requirement(s) the student did not fulfill. The student will be given an opportunity to ask clarifying questions and to prove qualifications through explanation and discussion. NOTE: No evidence omitted from the Student Information Form the student originally submitted will be accepted at this time.

4. Once all appealing students have met with the advisor(s), the advisor(s) will submit appeals to the Faculty Council and principal for final decision.

5. The student will be informed of the decision within three school days of the final review.

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